Walls- your roommates

Walls- your roommates



What is the first thing that you see when you open your eyes? The wall in your bedroom.

What is the first thing that greets you when you come home? The wall in your hallway.

What are you looking at when you’re working from your home and can’t find the motivation? The wall in your office.

What is the last thing that you see before you close your eyes in your bed? The wall by your bed.

The walls are not just a part of a building construction, they’re all around you in your home, so it’s really important that what you see is something that makes you feel good.


 Ways to make your walls pretty

Paint them in different colors:

Colors are really important for our well-being, so you have to be careful when choosing the right color for your space. They can have a great impact on your mood.

The psychology of colors divides them into WARM and COLD colors.

WARM: RED, ORANGE and YELLOW: They should trigger feelings of warmth and comfort on one side but also anger and hatred on the other.

COLD: BLUE, PURPLE and GREEN : on one hand they soothe and calm and on the other they can give  a sense of sadness and frivolity.

Living spaces like kitchen and living room are suitable for warm colors, while sleeping rooms are more suitable for cold and calm colors.

 Put on wallpapers :

I just can’t help myself but I just love wallpapers on the walls. It can have a vintage look, but I’m ‘vintage’ person and love everything that smells of good old times.


The wallpaper was once made of bad materials and once you put them up, you really managed to get them off the wall with difficulty. But nowadays they produce wallpaper, which not only is made of excellent durable materials, but easy to install and easy to maintain. And when you get tired of it, getting rid of it is no problem.

Use different building materials for dressing them up- brick, wood, stone, clay:

Make a home wall art:

find a painter to paint you home wall painting or you can use textured paint rollers designs :

Put on pictures, photographs or even other objects :

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You’re moving walls?

Your walls don’t need to be straight or in a line.

You can make curved walls without sharp corners, so that energy can flow effortlessly through your apartment, then dress that curved wall in wallpaper design or in brick or stone and you would be amazed what effect has that for your well-being and it looks fabulous so everyone will notice it. It will become the main part of your home and it will give it a character.

Did you know that diagonal walls can make you very special spaces and can even save you space. That is especially useful in passageways where you can combine two doors in a smaller space than you would need if the wall was straight.

Enjoy with decorating your “best roommate”


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6 Replies to “Walls- your roommates”

  1. I grey up in a traditional home where design features like this were not really often employed. My wife on the other hand introduced me to this design style or feature wall design.

    It makes the room immediately more interesting as the monotonous colour or texture is immediately interrupted. Word of caution is that when deciding to do this, first check what type of bricks were used in the construction to ensure the desired look can be achieved without cladding the wall for effect.


    1. Hello Richard, thank you for your comment. Yes, you’re right, it’s important to be careful with choosing what to dress your wall with and which wall. If you dress all walls the same, the effect is gone.

  2. This is really good. I agree with what you are saying. That is the last thing we see before we shut our eyes and we should make it something beautiful. I love the curved walls and brick walls.. They just makes you feel welcome and a sense of warmth. I have always wanted stars on my bedroom ceiling. One day I will… Grear post. 

  3. It might be a little bit strange but one of the things that makes me happy when I enter my room is the walls of my room. I designed the images myself and had a professional paint it out on my wall. It was so well made that anyone that enters my room gives me loads of compliments. 

    Our room is a place where we rest so I think it should be beautifully designed so we really feel at home anytime we are inside. The walls are not diagonal but I get the point you made about our walls been diagonal and I would definitely put that into consideration when constructing my own apartment.

    1. Hello Jay, thank you for your comment. I would really like to see your painted wall and I would recommend diagonal walls if you’re looking for something different, spacial spaces in your apartment.

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