Feng shui your house, or something like that..

What is Feng shui or how can it help me

Literally Feng shui means wind and water. Wikipedia says that” it’s Chinese geomancy, a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment.”

When my friend told me that I should Feng shui my home, I must admit I laughed at her. I’m not really a believer and all this “mambo jumbo” seemed a bit too much to me. She persuaded me to read a book about it and the more I was reading it, more I became intrigued by it.

The things that I read didn’t seem so naive as I first thought, they made sense. The world around us needs to be in harmony and all forces of nature and humanity in balance and that energy flow is called QI.(chi) That seems something I could believe or trust, but how could I use it in my home?

It says that anyone can do it even feng shui beginners and the most important thing it will not cost me a lot of money. OK, so it’s simple, five elements- earth, water, fire, metal and wood have to be in balance so that energy flows freely and it will have a very positive effect on our lives.

I was ready to make changes. It depends on how deep in changing things you’d like to go. You can start at very beginning, by selecting the right building, build the house accordingly, set feng shui floor plan, or just make small changes, from lighting, home decor, colors to the position of furniture in relation to doors and windows.

It affects also other areas of life, like family relations, prosperity, success in carrier, finding love……., but let’s stop at improving our home.

Bagua or energy plan- budget interior designer

Bagua is a plan of energy that flows in your space and it has 8 areas: wealth&prosperity;,fame&reputation;, love&partnership;,family&health;, center&health;, children&creativity;, knowledge&self; cultivation;, career, helpful people&travel;. Every area has it’s dominant color, shape and earth element.

There are two feng shui schools. One, the original one in China uses bagua map according to the compass reading, and the other one, the modern one, where we have apartments, uses front door as a point of orientation.

It’s best that you decide for one school and don’t try to apply both baguas at the same time, because it can lead to confusion. Just take the one that feels best or more natural for you.

I’m not here to tell you exactly how to use it. I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the tools that can help you decide what home decor to put in your space and where, what feng shui colors to choose and even where in your apartment is best to have bedroom or living room.

Have fun, 


8 Replies to “Feng shui your house, or something like that..”

  1. Hi Vesna,

    I have just recently been introduced to feng shui, although I have heard of it before I never ready gave it a 2nd thought, until recently when it was mentioned on a TV programme where they where designing a new home using this feng shui it not only looked amazing it just seemed to flow beautiful and I wandered if I could apply a little to my home, thanks for the brief introduction and I look forward to reading more about if from your site.

    1. Hello Jason, You’re right, feng shui is a great interior designer and if you apply it to your home, you will see that it really works. Your home will feel amazing and every one will notice these great vibrations, so it could happen , that they will never want to leave. ;)))


  2. I would like to know if feng shui is available all over the world . How exactly does one balance the five elements- earth, water, fire, metal and wood so that energy flows freely to get positive effect on our lives? Will this be done by a specialist or something? Great information you gave us there.

    1. Hello Dahlia, I think that today feng shui is known all over the world. There are also specialists that can help you with it, but you can also do it yourself. It’s actually very simple if you don’t dig in to too deep ;)). Just take a book about it and you can do it.


  3. I’m not a huge follower of feng shui, but I did find that it helped me decorate when I was starting from nothing. For example, if my kitchen was in an are where the elements were stone and metal, rather than scrolling through 5000 assorted dining room sets, and I was only scrolling through the 185 that were metal and stone. The places I’ve lived have always looked very nice when I’ve pulled from Feng Shui.

    1. Hello Azaliha, I think that Feng shui is really unique way to organise your home and it’s known all over the world now, so I don’t really think that it has other names. Feng shui is Feng shui… and i love it ;))

      Than you for your comment, Vesna

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