Walls- your roommates

Walls- your roommates



What is the first thing that you see when you open your eyes? The wall in your bedroom.

What is the first thing that greets you when you come home? The wall in your hallway.

What are you looking at when you’re working from your home and can’t find the motivation? The wall in your office.

What is the last thing that you see before you close your eyes in your bed? The wall by your bed.

The walls are not just a part of a building construction, they’re all around you in your home, so it’s really important that what you see is something that makes you feel good.


 Ways to make your walls pretty

Paint them in different colors:

Colors are really important for our well-being, so you have to be careful when choosing the right color for your space. They can have a great impact on your mood.

The psychology of colors divides them into WARM and COLD colors.

WARM: RED, ORANGE and YELLOW: They should trigger feelings of warmth and comfort on one side but also anger and hatred on the other.

COLD: BLUE, PURPLE and GREEN : on one hand they soothe and calm and on the other they can give  a sense of sadness and frivolity.

Living spaces like kitchen and living room are suitable for warm colors, while sleeping rooms are more suitable for cold and calm colors.

 Put on wallpapers :

I just can’t help myself but I just love wallpapers on the walls. It can have a vintage look, but I’m ‘vintage’ person and love everything that smells of good old times.


The wallpaper was once made of bad materials and once you put them up, you really managed to get them off the wall with difficulty. But nowadays they produce wallpaper, which not only is made of excellent durable materials, but easy to install and easy to maintain. And when you get tired of it, getting rid of it is no problem.

Use different building materials for dressing them up- brick, wood, stone, clay:

Make a home wall art:

find a painter to paint you home wall painting or you can use textured paint rollers designs :

Put on pictures, photographs or even other objects :

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You’re moving walls?

Your walls don’t need to be straight or in a line.

You can make curved walls without sharp corners, so that energy can flow effortlessly through your apartment, then dress that curved wall in wallpaper design or in brick or stone and you would be amazed what effect has that for your well-being and it looks fabulous so everyone will notice it. It will become the main part of your home and it will give it a character.

Did you know that diagonal walls can make you very special spaces and can even save you space. That is especially useful in passageways where you can combine two doors in a smaller space than you would need if the wall was straight.

Enjoy with decorating your “best roommate”


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Feng shui your house, or something like that..

What is Feng shui or how can it help me

Literally Feng shui means wind and water. Wikipedia says that” it’s Chinese geomancy, a pseudoscience originating from China, which claims to use energy forces harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment.”

When my friend told me that I should Feng shui my home, I must admit I laughed at her. I’m not really a believer and all this “mambo jumbo” seemed a bit too much to me. She persuaded me to read a book about it and the more I was reading it, more I became intrigued by it.

The things that I read didn’t seem so naive as I first thought, they made sense. The world around us needs to be in harmony and all forces of nature and humanity in balance and that energy flow is called QI.(chi) That seems something I could believe or trust, but how could I use it in my home?

It says that anyone can do it even feng shui beginners and the most important thing it will not cost me a lot of money. OK, so it’s simple, five elements- earth, water, fire, metal and wood have to be in balance so that energy flows freely and it will have a very positive effect on our lives.

I was ready to make changes. It depends on how deep in changing things you’d like to go. You can start at very beginning, by selecting the right building, build the house accordingly, set feng shui floor plan, or just make small changes, from lighting, home decor, colors to the position of furniture in relation to doors and windows.

It affects also other areas of life, like family relations, prosperity, success in carrier, finding love……., but let’s stop at improving our home.

Bagua or energy plan- budget interior designer

Bagua is a plan of energy that flows in your space and it has 8 areas: wealth&prosperity;,fame&reputation;, love&partnership;,family&health;, center&health;, children&creativity;, knowledge&self; cultivation;, career, helpful people&travel;. Every area has it’s dominant color, shape and earth element.

There are two feng shui schools. One, the original one in China uses bagua map according to the compass reading, and the other one, the modern one, where we have apartments, uses front door as a point of orientation.

It’s best that you decide for one school and don’t try to apply both baguas at the same time, because it can lead to confusion. Just take the one that feels best or more natural for you.

I’m not here to tell you exactly how to use it. I just wanted to tell you that this is one of the tools that can help you decide what home decor to put in your space and where, what feng shui colors to choose and even where in your apartment is best to have bedroom or living room.

Have fun, 


Budget home renovation


My first home

For every thing there’s also a budget solution. When I bought my first apartment, I fell in love with its character. It was on the second floor of a hundred years old city house, that was really in bad shape. It had high ceilings and it was really very light with many big windows and a beautiful round shaped balcony. The apartment was not big, but had tons of charm. Me and my husband were tight on a budget, so we really had to be careful with what we spend.

So we made a list:

  • Floors in whole apartment
  • doors
  • windows
  • new kitchen
  • new bathroom ( tiles, shower, toilet)
  • new lights
  • new wall colors or wall dressing

Floors were made from old parquet and at first we thought that it was no good, but then we saw it was just not maintained, so we just grind it and put on an oil. When it was finished, we had the most beautiful wooden floors, that you can’t even find it anymore.


Doors and windows were also in very bad shape, but we did’t have money to buy new, so we decided to renovate the old windows and doors. It was not an easy job, but we had a friend that showed us how to do it. Grinding down the old paint was the hardest thing and it took a lot of time, and we were already on the verge of giving up, but somehow we did it and when the job was done, the satisfaction was huge. You can never change the old doors and window without losing the old charm of the apartment, because they don’t make them the same way ( manually ) although if you have money to spend, spend it for the master, that can do it in half a time.

The old kitchen was situated on the north side of apartment, where you only have early morning sun and then the whole day nothing and also it was a pretty small but we’re people who love time spending in kitchen, so for us the kitchen is also a living room, so we started thinking of possibility to move the kitchen on the other side of apartment, on the south side in the biggest room of the apartment, where there was also entrance to the balcony with a beautiful view to the garden. And because the room was side by side with a bathroom, we had also access to the water that is essential.



The kitchen is one of the most expensive things in your apartment, besides bathroom, so we had to think hard how to have a new, but not expensive solution. When we bought the apartment the previous owners left a few very old pieces of furniture and there was also a beautiful old closet., so we decided to use it as a part of kitchen. Of course, it needed some work, but again it was worth it. Now we just had to buy a kitchen sink and a kitchen counter, for what we used wood directly from lumberjack and again did some work. On the wall above it and under it we put some shelves and a curtain to hide them.

And that was it, a new kitchen for less than one third of a budget for a newly bought kitchen.

The bathroom was also a big must, but the tiles that we liked were insanely expensive, so we first had to determine where the tiles were essential: on the floor, in the shower and around the sink. We bought the cheapest simple tiles in two colors ( white and blue) and we laid them on the floor in a manner of a chessboard. Around the shower and sink we left them in one color. Everything else we painted with a silicone paint that is resistant to water. The closets especially for bathrooms are also very expensive, so we just bought cupboards and shelves that were not made FOR the bathroom. You can get them again in half price or even less.

The lighting is also something that is very important if you want to feel good in your home and a right lamp could transform your plain room into a special place., but most important is the position of the lighting. It’s best if you have a few light sources and not just one : standing lights in the corners of the room, pendant lights above the table, wall lights, counter top lights, night lights in bedrooms, and maybe ceiling lights in spaces where you need a lot of light. They should all have their own switch, so you can change the lighting according to your feeling. But don’t forget the switch that turns them all out at the same time.

And in the end, painting your home in colours. Me, I’m a colour person. I don’t feel good if the walls are all white, so I always paint my walls in colours or put on wallpapers that can  really give your apartment a boost. It doesn’t mean that I paint them all in colours, but one or two painted walls gives your home a different perspective. You can also make rooms visually bigger, taller, smaller, emphasize a part you like, … Many times I also use a black colour, yes BLACK. I know it sounds strange, but black colour doesn’t actually work like a colour. Like in paintings brings a depth into the space. So don’t be afraid to use it.

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Moving in

After paint was dry we brought our furniture and everything else and we started living in our beautiful home and because we did most of the things by ourself it was so much more OUR HOME. After few years we had to move in a bigger apartment, but for all the times it will stay our first beautiful home.

You never forget your first one ;))











New home – Design your own new home

How to start

You have your own apartment, house, a room,,,let’s say something you would like to call your home, but at this stage it does not look like you’d like.

The first thing you should consider is your financial situation or how much money are you prepared to invest in your home.

Maybe you can only put in some cool things for home, some cute home decor and your new home is going to feel like home.

Maybe you are prepared for a total renovation, so you’re going to need some new home design ideas, which could include pulling down walls. You’ll need a dream floor plan, so you can decide where your kitchen will be.

Maybe you have an opportunity to build a totally new house. In any case there are many things to think about. So let’s say put it this way; you have a few options:

  1. renovation on a tight budget- with home accessories decor
  2. renovation with the existing floor plan
  3. renovation with a new floor plan
  4. building a new house

Home decor

So, your possibilities are not wide, maybe because of your budget, or maybe there are simply no way to change much, maybe the apartment is not yours… In any way there are still a lot you can do, from diy home decorating, painting your home in colors or just simply putting in some cool things for home, something that represents you, something you like, something that makes you feel at home…

The easiest way to brighten or change your new home is to paint your home in colors. Colors have a very big influence on our well being, so you should choose wisely. Feng shui helped me a lot, with choosing feng shui room colors and also with feng shui floor plans. But of course it’s your decision who’s going to be your mentor, architect…person that’s going to guide you through your dream home makeover.

The furniture is also a big home changer. You can change a lot with a very small budget and only a few things. Sometimes you only need one special piece of furniture and a few decorating ideas and your space will look as new.

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Existing floor plan

OK, so your budget is something that you can work with, and you would like to change a few things…Usually it means, let’s say, a new kitchen, new tiles in a bathroom, maybe new floors, new furniture, new lighting, maybe you will need an electrician or a plumber…although you can still do it yourself, with a few hints or suggestions.

Although your walls are still standing, it doesn’t mean that you can’t change position of the living room , kitchen( you have to think that the water is in the same room or in the room on the other side of the wall), or bedroom. In a very dark apartment you can still consider building in a new window, enlarge the one you already have or even make a small balcony.


New floor plan

You are on the way to make your dream home. Yes, you have a few limitations, but it could mean that you will be able to keep something that will make your home different from others, some old features, special character that you could never get in a completely new home. But to get there you will probably need a civil engineer or an architect that can tell you which walls in the apartment have bearing strength, so you can’t pull them down, where you can have a new kitchen and a new bathroom, because of the plumbing and probably you’re going to need a building permission.

But from there on only your imagination is the limit. I still suggest that you take advice from an architect and let him do the outline plan. From there you can continue by yourself, although I would think of hiring a supervisor. He could save you a lot of time and money, by supervising workers and their time schedules, or even choosing a construction company; they can do all the work for you, you just have to be very careful and specify the dates when you want the job to be done, or it could take months or even years before they finish, so be sure you put it in writing.

New house

A new home is always a big adventure, but you have to be prepared for a lot of surprises on the way. The first thing you have to take in a consideration is a budget for building your new house. When you ask yourself how much does it cost to build your house, be sure that when you have the final calculations add to that at least 30%. There are many hidden expenses that you’ve forgotten or will come on the way and it’s best to be prepared. If your calculations were right, then you can just smile and put the rest of the budget on your bank account.

What is waiting for you to do:

  • Get a good architect, who will make you a good architecture design, and if you’re not really sure what you want, you can still buy a pre made home design that suits your needs
  • Get a building permit ; be prepared for a lot of birocracy
  • Find a trustworthy construction company
  • Now starts the fun part: interior home design: Finding the best flooring for your home, find bathroom ideas, find the right style furniture for your house and in the end comes home accessories decor : hanging pictures on the wall, finding art for your home, ….

So my dearests, I wish you all the best on your journey to your new home, and I hope I can be of some help with new home ideas.




Hello, My name is Vesna

I guess you’ve come to visit me, because you’ve got a home to build, or just make it beautiful. You’ve come to the right place.


I bought my first apartment when I was 27 and pregnant with my first son. It was two room apartment in a very old house in the middle of the most beautiful city in the world, Ljubljana. The apartment was at the last floor of a very old house and it was in a bad shape, but I saw a potential. My father was working as a civil engineer and he was supporting me the whole time of reconstruction.

At first, I though I would need only a few beauty procedures, but than me and my husband decided to tear down everything and build ourselves a brand new apartment. And at that time I knew I was hooked. It was not only very exciting, but it was also a great way to learn a lot about building and designing; but first of all to find out what is really important to me in a term of living, what spaces I like, what materials, what colors, what style, ….

We sold that apartment after 3 years and we made 40% of profit. With that money we bought a house, which we also reconstructed and we again made 40% of profit when we sold it and now I live with 3 sons in beautiful 5 room apartment in city center with the garden.

This one is a keeper, but I have a need to think about designing new apartments and all of my friends already have their homes. ;)))




When I started reconstructing my first apartment I did’t know where or how to start. Designing your home can be an overwhelming experience, so I advise you to take your time and really think what you want, what you like and take one step of the time. Luckily there are people that are specialist on their field of expertise and can help you, although there are also many things that you can do alone and save some money.

You will find here many suggestions, that will lead you all the way, from idea to realization.



You will find here many suggestions, that will lead you all the way, from idea to realization and will answer all the questions like: WHERE TO START?, HOW TO DO IT?, WHERE TO BUY?, WHO TO ASK?….and many more…

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,